We invest in early stage startups
focused on Bitcoin and the Lightning Network

Our mission

We believe in Bitcoin as a next generation politically neutral monetary system, the foundation for decentralized finance of the future. While Bitcoin is an efficient settlement layer, it needs a Layer-2 solution for everyday transactions. That is why we support development of the Lightning Network - an essential step towards decentralized finance.

What we do

As technology entrepreneurs we combine decades of experience creating business
from zero and scaling it in emerging and fast-growing industries.

We support outstanding teams in several ways:

Along the way we help startups to navigate cryptocurrency legal and regulatory environment
according to the evolving industry standards and best practices.

Who we are

Vitaly Bezrodnykh

Seasoned executive and experienced investor with extensive background in IT and computer security. Working for companies such as Hewlett Packard, Vertical Networks and Kaspersky Lab, Vitaly specialized in international business development, building effective business units, strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions. His early interest in blockchain technologies led to involvement in multiple crypto ecosystem projects as founder, early investor and advisor.

Oleg Mikhalsky

Oleg is an angel investor since 2008 and hands-on entrepreneur with a successful exit and a profitable growing business in the background. His focus is product management and business development for early-stage markets and emerging technologies. He also holds an MBA in Strategic management and has spent 15 years bringing new products to the market and managing fast-growing business.


Bitlum is a Lightning Network wallet that works from your browser and is simple to install and use.


Bitrefill allows you to purchase gift cards or mobile refills with Bitcoin, Lightning and other cryptocurrencies.


ZigZag uses Lightning Network to exchange top cryptocurrencies in seconds with low fees.


Shock Wallet is an open source Lightning Wallet with social network features.


Graaf One is a Bitcoin Lightning Network brokerage and payment services company.


Hideez consolidates all authentication tools and builds convenient Identity Key in Enterprise and Blockchain.


Breez is a non-custodial Lightning client & hub that enables seamless bitcoin payments.


Get up to 20% cashback in bitcoin when you shop at Amazon, Uber, Target and many more!


With SVORT authenticator there is only one person that has an access to your private data — it is you.


Amber gives you the easiest ways for you to start investing in bitcoin.


Button Wallet is a messenger-based software solution for trading and buying digital assets.


Get Cash or Bitcoin for your everyday purchases.


Blockade Games consistently pushes the boundaries of how decentralized technologies can reinvent traditional gaming experiences.


Instantaneous in-game Bitcoin transactions with Lightning Network


Satoshis Games is an 8-bit gaming platform that allows users to earn bitcoin by playing games. It is designed natively on Bitcoin Lightning Network.


Your personal Lightning powered Bitcoin debit card


A Bitcoin and Lightning wallet for iOS and Android


Blockrize card: the first credit card with rewards in Bitcoin and more


A bitcoin trading platform to trade between crypto and physical gold


Simplest way to secure your Bitcoin


Bitcoin cashback service


A superior custody solution for institutions holding bitcoin


A secure home for your Bitcoin


Passport hardware wallet, the ultimate combination of elegance and security for your Bitcoin


DMarket is an in-game item trading platform


Trade derivatives on the Lightning Network


Empowering every single game developer


Global P2P Bitcoin trading platform that doesn’t hold funds


Voltage offers Lightning Network node hosting with complete user control


What we support

We have been following the development of cryptocurrency ecosystem and Bitcoin since 2013. Today we believe is the right time to actively engage in building the foundation of next generation financial system and instruments.

The Lightning Conference is a not for profit community event organized by volunteers
who truly believe in the potential of the Lightning Network.

The RGB Project is a completely free, open-source, non-profit and community-oriented effort, aimed at the development of standards and best practices to issue, transmit and store "Bitcoin-based non-bitcoin assets".