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At the beginning of 2019 we decided to start a shared Google calendar of events that seemed to be most relevant to what we are doing. Many events were added since then by recommendation from people we met at other events.

Now this calendar got a nicer view, but it still works as a Google calendar too. Send us a note if you'd like to get a shareable link or if you'd like to recommend an event. Many thanks to everyone who has already contributed to the calendar.

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Since we started following the Lightning Network development back in 2017 it was obvious that statistics and metrics are important to help understand not only the maturity and adoption rate but also what technical and business challenges will need to be solved and how to think about priorities. There are a few professional statistic resources available, however we thought that brining at least some statistics to attention helps keep in mind that we are in a very dynamic fast growing space. We will try to add some more data to this view when we can.

Mar 6

Lightning Network Encrypted Messaging Now Live

Two developers announced the release of their message encryption systems. The main goal behind the projects is to architect a permissionless and censorship-resistant means of communication to ensure privacy.

Jan 24

Bitcoin Lightning Torch 2.0 On The Move

This week, the Lightning community decided it was time to resurrect the Lightning Torch concept for another go. Just like the original torch, the Lightning Torch 2.0 has already traveled around the globe. To date, the torch has been in over 40 counties in just over four days.

Jan 11

Bitfinex has new support for Bitcoin withdrawals by Lightning Network

Bitfinex added support for Bitcoin withdrawals and deposits, through the Lightning Network, thus becoming one of the first major exchanges to offer services on this platform. With the new feature, customers can withdraw and deposit bitcoins on the exchange instantly through LN.

Dec 12

The Lightning Network will soon be able to support larger bitcoin payments

Samson Mow, Chief Security Officer at Blockstream, well known for its work on the Lightning Network, told that today it completed tests to make multi-path payments interoperable. This will allow payments to be split into smaller chunks so that large amounts of bitcoin can be sent both quickly and cheaply.

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